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    One Dozen Zesty Hot Honey Recipes

    One of the more exciting condiments to show up in food stores over the past few years is hot honey. Made from a blend of honey, chili oils and vinegar, it's a fun and versatile ingredient that will add a fascinating new dimension to some of your favorite foods.

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    A Better Tomato Sauce


    A good red tomato sauce has the right balance of sweet, tart, salt and savory. This recipe achieves this balance due to a little bit of honey and butter to finish it off.

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    Grilled Chicken with Sumac, Honey & Lemon

    Sumac is a popular spice in the Middle East, which does not get enough attention in the US. Ground sumac is a deep red powder that comes from the red, ripe berries of the sumac bush (related to poison ivy, but definitely not poisonous). It has a very pleasant tart berry flavor, but without the acidity of a fresh lemon. When combined with honey in this recipe, the sumac-spiced chicken has a great balance of sweet and sour.

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