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    Honey School — tupelo honey

    Apples & Honey: A Perfect Pair

    Fall is officially here, and apples are now in their prime. While honey compliments just about any food, when paired with fresh, crisp apples, the marriage of flavors is nearly perfect.

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    What is tupelo honey and where can I buy some?

    What is tupelo honey and where can I buy some?
    Tupelo honey is a unique and wonderful American honey variety. It comes from the nectar of tupelo tree blossoms, which grow in just a few small areas of the southeastern United States. If your favorite grocery store does not have tupelo honey, then you can order it online from Smiley Honey.

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    Foods That Last Forever

    When honey is pure and kept in a tightly sealed container so that no moisture gets into the jar, it can last forever. Literally.

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