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    Honey School

    Acacia Honey - Light and Wonderful

    Each summer, mature acacia trees produce thousands and thousands of creamy white blossoms. These flowers are clusted in bunches and nearly cover the entire tree. Bees love acacia flower nectar, and turn it into a very light colored and mild tasting honey.

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    Orange Blossom Honey - A Sweet Citrus Treat

    Each spring, as warm breezes arrive in the citrus groves of Florida and California, the orange trees come into bloom. Busy bees collect the nectar from these fragrant flowers, which is then converted into delicious orange blossom honey.

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    How Do Bees Make Honey?

    A beehive is a wondrous society of order and precision. In the summertime, there are over 40,000 bees packed inside a few wooden boxes. How do they cooperate so well to make delicious honey?

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    Where Can I Buy Organic Honey?

    From time to time, customers ask us if our honey is organic. As applied to food, "organic" generally means that the food was grown without any synthetic inputs, such as pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers and was also harvested or processed without any solvents, irradiation or dyes.

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