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    Honey School

    What is tupelo honey and where can I buy some?

    Tupelo honey is a unique and wonderful American honey variety. It comes from the nectar of tupelo tree blossoms, which grow in just a few small areas of the southeastern United States. If your favorite grocery store does not have tupelo honey, then you can order it online from Smiley Honey.

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    Best Honey for Tea

    Some things just belong together. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Tea and honey. Stirring a teaspoon of golden honey into a cup of tea not only improves the flavor, it also comes with some health benefits as well. So what is the best type of honey for tea? Read on to discover our recommendations.

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    Acacia Honey - Light and Wonderful

    Each summer, mature acacia trees produce thousands and thousands of creamy white blossoms. These flowers are clusted in bunches and nearly cover the entire tree. Bees love acacia flower nectar, and turn it into a very light colored and mild tasting honey.

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    Orange Blossom Honey - A Sweet Citrus Treat

    Each spring, as warm breezes arrive in the citrus groves of Florida and California, the orange trees come into bloom. Busy bees collect the nectar from these fragrant flowers, which is then converted into delicious orange blossom honey.

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