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    Feta Wrapped in Phyllo Dough

    These tasty treats can be served as a light lunch or as a dinner appetizer. Topped with honey and sesame seeds, they are delicious any time of day!

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    A Better Bahn Mi Sandwich

    The bahn mi is the national sandwich of Vietnam. The french bread and the Asian fixings create a vibrant mix of flavors. To pack in even more zing, we have added some Florida Heat Hot Honey.

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    Apples & Honey: A Perfect Pair

    Fall is officially here, and apples are now in their prime. While honey compliments just about any food, when paired with fresh, crisp apples, the marriage of flavors is nearly perfect.

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    Goat Cheese and Tupelo Honey Crostini

    This recipe is simple yet delicious. Add the honey just before serving as it tends to drip off the edge of the bread. Or if its a casual meal, just pass around the bottle of honey and diners can add their own kiss of honey.

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