Apples & Honey: A Perfect Pair

Fall is officially here, and apples are now at their prime. While we think that honey compliments just about anything, when Smiley Honey is paired with apples, the combination of flavors is darn near perfect.

Last week on Epicurious (one of our favorite websites for food), Smiley Honey got a nice shout out in an article titled The Best Apples and Honey Pairings for Rosh Hashanah. The writer, Amy Traverso, suggests a pairing of gala apple and tupelo honey:

"Gala is a nice girl. Always sweet, smells good, rosy cheeked. And tupelo honey is liquid sunshine. Like a good marriage, these two amplify best other's best qualities without drawing attention to Gala's lack of edge or Tupelo's simple (dare we say shallower?) charms. Tupelo honey, in addition to being delicious and a great choice for people who dislike funkier honeys, is famous for its resistance to forming crystals, so you can keep this one around until next holiday season. Shanah Tovah! for the honey, try Smiley Honey."  (See all of our Tupelo choices here.)

Liquid sunshine . . . Thanks Amy! We could not have said it better ourselves. If you really want to get wild, how about trying several different apple-honey pairings. Here are some additional recommendations:

  • Granny Smith with Linden Honey. With a medium sweetness, and woodsy/herbal notes, this honey will play nicely with the tartness of a Granny Smith.
  • Honeycrisp with Thyme Honey. Savory thyme honey has both caramel and dried fruit flavors, which will compliment the sweet and juicy honeycrisp.
  • Fuji and Sage Honey. The crunch and super sweet Fuji pairs very well with the mellowness of sage honey.
If you order one of our sampler sets, then you can have a full-on tasting party with friends and family!

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