Honey-Roasted Pears by Golubka Kitchen

Honey-Roasted Pears by Golubka Kitchen

Last month, we partnered with Anya and Masha from Golubka Kitchen for a recipe that’s made to delight your holiday guests. Using our thyme honey, Anya came up with a recipe for honey-roasted pears with vanilla cashew cream. In a season full of pies, cookies and other super-sweets desserts, take a different route and serve this savory, sweet, and totally different dish.

 “The honey melts under heat and envelops whatever you are roasting with its soothing, complex sweetness, contributing to those crispy, caramelized edges we all love so much,” Anya said, continuing later in the post:  “The cream pairs perfectly with the jammy pears, and the garnish of pomegranate seeds, though optional, adds to that festive look and flavor.”

Anya developed a restaurant quality recipe in looks and presentation, but it’s a fairly simple dessert to prepare, taking just a few steps. And if you want to skip the vanilla cashew cream step, you can simplify this recipe further by using a high-quality vanilla ice cream drizzled with the thyme honey.

Check out the recipe here, and head over the Golubka Kitchen for a host of other recipes. A few that caught our eye include this kale and beet salad, sweet dukkah cigars and this ricotta fig tart (all incorporating honey, of course!). 

Recipe by Anya Kassoff and photos by Masha Davydova.


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