Sourwood Honey -- Rich, Rare and Oh, So Good

American Sourwood Honey has twice been selected as the "Best Honey in the World" at Apimondia, which is a bi-annual world conference for beekeepers and the honey industry. Slow Food USA had this to say about sourwood honey: "Sourwood honey is so rare that a good crop sometimes only surfaces once every decade. Yet, its deep, spicy flavor makes it sought after by honey connoisseurs everywhere."

The flavor of sourwood honey is rich and full, with notes of caramel and anise. Mary, a Smiley Honey customer from California, submitted this review for our sourwood honey:

"The Sourwood is subtle with a mellow flavor gradually producing a stronger, rich caramel undertone from underneath the initial woodsy spice. As an amateur connoisseur I may have 30 or more honeys from all over the United States and other countries at any time. I think that, for the price, the Holly and Sourwood rival most that I've had in Greece and Sicily, and although very different from the New Zealand and Middle Eastern honeys, are no less pleasing on the tongue."

Here are some suggestions for recipes that work well with the rich taste of sourwood honey:

To learn more about the source of our Sourwood honey, check out this video:.

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Teresa Sheffield
Teresa Sheffield

October 03, 2016

I have Sourwood trees on my property on Deer Point Lake

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