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    Smiley Honey News — honey recipes

    2017 Resolutions: Eating Healthy Foods

    It's a new year, and many of us have set goals to eat better, healthier foods. All natural, raw honey is one such food. It packs a lot of flavor into small amounts. Here are a few healthy recipes that use honey that you can try out in 2017.

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    Simply Delicious

    My nephew was visiting this past weekend, and I needed a quick and easy snack to keep him happy until dinner. I thought of this combination on the fly, and it was amazingly good: cut a fresh, crusty french baguette into small slices, spread some plain goat cheese on each piece, and then add a drizzle of tupelo honey. The combination of flavors is simply delicious. I made a plate of a dozen pieces, and they were gone in a couple minutes. (Tip: remove the goat cheese from the fridge and let soften for a few minutes before spreading.)