Use Honey for All-Natural Skin and Hair Care

Raw honey is healthy, sweet and tasty. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you find out it’s good for your hair and skin too. Naturally antibacterial and full of antioxidants, honey is great for treating acne and slowing down aging. Honey also helps moisturize, soothe and clarify.  Here are some ideas for incorporating honey into your health and beauty routine.

Bath Boost
If the cold winter is getting you down, draw a warm bath and add in some ingredients that will leave you relaxed and your skin looking beautiful.  As Crunchy Betty reminds us, Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey. So take a cue from the famous pharaoh, and add two simple ingredients to your next bath. Over at Happy Money Saver, there’s a recipe for Honey Lavender bath melts. Keep them for yourself, or make them as a gift. Want to increase the aromatics of your bath? Choose your favorite flavor of honey—like blackberry honey or citrus honey—for an added boost!

Body Scrub
Do you want to enjoy the benefits of honey on your skin without drawing a bath? Make your own body scrub. Live Simply tells us how to make a nourishing honey sugar body scrub that will exfoliate while hydrating your skin. Want to kick it up a notch? Check out Alyssa and Carla’s coffee honey body scrub.  Talk about waking up your senses!

Rejuvenating Mask
You don’t need to head to the spa for a rejuvenating face treatment. Elizabeth at Living the Nourished Life put together four honey face masks for different skin types, and she recommends using raw, unfiltered honey (psst that’s us!). Using the good stuff is better because raw, unfiltered honey retains more healing properties. Of course, using natural ingredients, you won’t need to use chemicals found in other beauty products and cleansers.

Hair Masks
Your hair can benefit from honey too. Hello Glow shares three different hair masks that incorporate honey. Whether you want to treat dry and damaged hair or soak up a deep conditioner, check out these solutions to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

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