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    Smiley Honey News

    50 Raw Honey Recipes

    Raw honey is a wonderful and healthy ingredient that can be added to all sorts recipes. Using all-natural, unfiltered and raw honey will add both flavor and nutrients to your meals. So browse our recipe collection, buy a bottle of quality raw honey, and get cooking!

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    Why is Tupelo Honey So Special?

    What is tupelo honey, and why is it so special? Tupelo honey comes from the blossoms of white tupelo trees, which grow in wet areas of the Florida Panhandle and Southern Georgia. It has an amazing flavor. After tasting this rare honey, some folks will not use any other variety. For them, only tupelo will do.

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    Can Bees Learn Math?

    Researchers have been conducting some interesting experiments with bees. I’m not sure whether these experiments show that bees are really smart, or that some scientists have a lot of time on their hands. Maybe both.

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    My Favorite Breakfast

    Growing up, two of my favorite breakfast items were cream of wheat drizzled with honey and baked apple pancake, drizzled with honey. (Is there a theme here.) The apple pancake is delicious and easy.

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