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    Smiley Honey News

    Honey Panna Cotta

    A light and creamy dessert  - a perfect finish for a summertime dinner. Orange blossom honey is a great pairing for this recipe.

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    5 Health Benefits from Raw Honey

    All-Natural, Raw honey boosts your immune system and provides natural energy. Eating raw honey and healthy living go together like summer and sunshine. If you need some more reasons for including this superfood into your daily diet, here are 5 benefits from eating raw honey.

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    5 Reasons Why Raw Honey is Better than White Sugar


    Raw honey and refined white sugar are both sweeteners and are relatively calorie dense foods. But when feeding your sweet tooth, there is no question that raw honey is better for you than white sugar. Here are 5 reasons why.

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    Super Easy Tupelo Honey Ice Cream

    This ice cream recipe is so easy and so very good. With less cream than many other recipes, it has a colder mouth feel, which is perfect for a hot summer day.

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    My Favorite Breakfast

    Growing up, two of my favorite breakfast items were cream of wheat drizzled with honey and baked apple pancake, drizzled with honey. (Is there a theme here?) The apple pancake is delicious and easy.

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