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    Smiley Honey News

    National Honey Month

    For variety, add a banana, some pineapple pieces, or some peach slices. An absolutely wonderful way to get your motor running each day.

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    Kisses Sweeter Than Tupelo Honey

    Tim McGraw sings about tupelo honey in his new hit single "Southern Girl."  Here is the chorus:

    Kisses sweeter than Tupelo honey

    Little bit crazy like New Orleans

    Memphis blue and Daytona sunny

    Soft as cotton in some cut-off jeans

    Don't you know,

    Ain't nothing in the whole wide world

    Like a southern girl.

    Thanks for the plug about this amazing honey! And, for the record, there ain't nothing in the whole wide world like tupelo honey either. If you have not tried this honey yet, don't wait another minute. Click on the button below to shop for this amazing honey from the South.


    Raw Honey is Healthy Sunshine Energy

    From the book "The Honey Revolution -- Restoring the Health of Future Generations" by Ron Fessenden and Mike McKinnes: "Honey is a miraculous form of sunshine energy. It is distilled from sunshine by a complex, although understood, yet beguiling and numinous process known as photosynthesis . . . Plants use this sunshine energy to fund this magical process and in so doing, create pollen and sweet nectar." Fessenden and McKinnes go on to state that while honey does contain fructose, glucose and other sugars, they are combined with other substances (such as floral flavanoids) in such a way to actually assist the body in controlling blood sugar levels. Despite this fact, and the many other wonderful health effects of honey described in "The Honey Revolution", Americans consume an average of 150 pounds per year of white sugar and other sweeteners that negatively affect our health, and only 1 pound per year of honey. If you want to make a change for better health -- eat more raw honey and reduce your intake of white sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other artificial sweeteners.

    Summer Bee-Havior

    Yesterday afternoon, the entire front face of this hive was covered with bees. This morning, less than a quarter remained. Are these bees the last stragglers of an all-nighter? Probably not. As outside temperatures rise in the summer, the temperature inside the hive increases as well. To cool down the hive interior, bees go outside. As the temperatures decrease during the nighttime hours, many of the bees will re-enter the hive. It is kind of like your kitchen during Thanksgiving dinner preparations, when too many family members are hanging about, and you slip out onto the front porch to cool down.