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    Honey Recipes

    50 Raw Honey Recipes

    Using all-natural, unfiltered and raw honey will add both flavor and nutrients to your meals. So browse our recipe collection, buy a bottle of quality raw honey, and get cooking!

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    How to Prepare a Perfect Valentine's Dinner

    Think of the song "She's As Sweet As Tupelo Honey" by Van Morrison. There is a good reason why honey is a simile for sweetness and love. So if you want a romantic meal at home for Valentine's Day, where honey has a leading role, then follow these instructions.

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    Honey Healthy Smoothies

    Have you resolved to eat better in 2017? Cutting sugar and adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals is essential to a healthier diet. One way to pack more fruits and vegetables into your day is with delicious smoothies.

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    Honey-Roasted Pears by Golubka Kitchen

    Last month, we partnered with Anya and Masha from Golubka Kitchen for a recipe that’s made to delight your holiday guests. Using our thyme honey, Anya came up with a recipe for honey-roasted pears with vanilla cashew cream. In a season full of pies, cookies and other super-sweets desserts, take a different route and serve this savory, sweet, and totally different dish.

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    Holiday Baking With Honey

    This is the time of year when delicious aromas spill out of the oven and fill the house with joy. Whether baking for the family or for the office party, here are some great recipes that use our favorite ingredient - HONEY!

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