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    florida sunshine in a bottle

    Orange blossom honey comes from the fragrant blossoms of the sweet orange tree. Buds begin forming in late January or early February, and the trees come into full bloom in April. As it takes many months for the fruit to ripen, you can often see new blooms and ripe fruit on the tree at the same time.

    This honey comes to you from sunny, Central Florida, which is famous for its many acres of colorful and fragrant orange groves. Walking through an orange grove in full bloom is a treat for your senses.

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    color and flavor

    With its bold sweetness, this honey stands up well in baking. Use it to make a quickbread, such orange-honey walnut bread (a first prize winner at the 2018 Ohio State Fair), or cranberry orange muffins.

    Orange blossom honey is also a good match for these gluten-free lemon-curd thumbprint cookies

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 191 reviews
    Orange Blossom Delight!

    A wonderful honey to enjoy on toast and tea and so much more! Delicious!

    Susan Sutton

    Best honey I've ever had

    Winifred Day
    Love Orange Blossom Honey

    Smiley was prompt and very tasty. Looks fresh when it is light in color!

    david toon
    Fast efficient delivery

    Honey tastes good not sure what Raw Honey means as it seems processed though !

    We bottle and sell natural and raw honey only. Some beekeepers have better extraction systems with better equipment and strainers, which make for clearer honey. The beekeeper who made this orange blossom honey has a first class operation.

    robin peterlick
    Hints of Orange

    sweet, smooth and a slight orange flavor, I could drink this stuff, perfect for tea or on toast with peanut butter. I recommend the Large :)