Premium Tupelo Honey from Georgia


This is some of the best tupelo honey we have seen or tasted in a very long time. Over the past 5 years or so, the weather has not been cooperating in our part of Florida. As a result, the tupelo honey coming out of Florida has been good, but not always great. This tupelo honey from Georgia is truly great. Because of the high quality and the limited quantity, the price is a bit higher. But our price is still lower than what other companies are charging for lesser quality tupelo honey.

NOTE: Due to limited supply, we are offering this special honey in 1 pound plastic bottles only. We are trying to spread the love as much as we can. But there is a discount if you buy three bottles. (Select "Three 1 pound plastic bottles" under Select Option.)


This honey comes from southern Georgia, in an area located about an hour southwest of Savannah. There are pockets of tupelo trees in this part of Georgia, and this particular honey comes from private land where some tupelo trees are growing in wetlands.

Color & Taste

Raw, unfiltered tupelo honey is Extra Light Amber in color and has a greenish hue when held up to the light. Tupelo honey has an amazing flavor profile. It starts with a bright floral burst that dissolves easily on the tongue, and then has a very pleasing and warm finish. When tasting it for the first time, folks tend to break out into wide smile and exclaim: "Wow! I never knew that honey could taste so good."

NOTE: Pure tupelo honey should not crystallize (also called 'sugaring') even after many years in the cupboard. But pure tupelo is impossible to get because the bees will visit other plants that are in bloom at the same time as the tupelo trees. The ratio of tupelo to non-tupelo nectar will vary from year to year, location to location, and even beehive to beehive. As a result, a layer of sugar may appear at the bottom of your container. This is a natural change, and it can be reversed by placing the container in hot water (but not too hot) and shaking the honey bottle every few minutes.


Customer Reviews

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The BEST Tupelo Honey

We stumbled across Smiley Honey while traveling in the south a few years ago and were smitten by the Tupelo honey we picked up. Times have been hard for finding tupelo these past few years, so when I saw the special in the newsletter for three pounds at a discounted price, I jumped on it. So glad I did -- it arrived in record time, with no leaking bottles (a problem with other sources, not Smiley) and environment friendly packing. My husband cautioned me not to tell anyone how good this honey is, else we have to share with the world, but I have to! Thanks for the sweetest, most delicious honey ever, Smiley Honey! Worth every penny!

Georgia Tupelo Honey good as it gets !

Tupelo honey

Great service. Great honey.

Premium Tupelo is best honey out there!

Your premium tupelo honey is the best I have tasted since first ordering from your company five or six years ago.

Georgia Honey

Just received some of the best honey I have tasted. This is my 3rd order from Smiley Honey. Best prices, great packaging and fast delivery. Saving the Georgia Tupelo for special.

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