Honey Varieties


Tupelo Honey Countdown

April 07, 2014

Folks are starting to ask when will the 2014 tupelo honey be available. Recent weather in the Florida panhandle has been very wet and cooler than normal. Based on past experience, this means that the tupelo trees will not bloom until late April and the nectar flow will carry over into early May. The tupelo honey would then be harvested in mid-May and should be available for sale soon thereafter. Keep your fingers crossed for a bumper crop -- we are overdue for a good year.

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Where Can I Get Some Good Nordic Grog?

March 25, 2014

According to "biomolecular archeologists", grog was a common drink 3,000 years ago in Scandinavia. Researchers collected residue samples from pottery shards, drinking vessels and strainers found at four different dig sites in southern Sweden and Denmark. A variety of chemical analysis techniques were used to determine that this residue was from a complex, fermented drink containing honey, bog cranberry, lingonberry, bog myrtle, yarrow, juniper, birch tree resin, and grains (wheat, barley and/or rye). Apparently, back around 1,500 BC, a roaring fire and a cup of grog helped Northern Europeans to stay warm during the long winter nights. Grog production slowly died out during the Roman Empire as trade increased and wine from Southern Europe became widely available. Specialty brewer Dogfish Head...

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Wedding Season

March 18, 2014

Spring and summer mean many things -- including more weddings. If you know of anyone who is getting married, then please let them know about our honey wedding favors. Many couples choose "Tupelo Honey" by Van Morrison as their first song, and then give out tupelo honey favors to their guests. We can provide the jars labeled or unlabeled and then let the couple add a more personal touch. We can also bottle any of our other honey varieties - wildflower, holly or orange blossom. These favors are a good fit for all wedding themes, but are perfect for rustic and farmhouse weddings, which are currently very popular.

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Simply Delicious

February 27, 2014

My nephew was visiting this past weekend, and I needed a quick and easy snack to keep him happy until dinner. I thought of this combination on the fly, and it was amazingly good: cut a fresh, crusty french baguette into small slices, spread some plain goat cheese on each piece, and then add a drizzle of tupelo honey. The combination of flavors is simply delicious. I made a plate of a dozen pieces, and they were gone in a couple minutes. (Tip: remove the goat cheese from the fridge and let soften for a few minutes before spreading.)

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