Wildflower Honey from Northern Florida

Source: After the final honey harvests are completed in the fall, the beekeepers let their colonies rest for a season. But winter is short-lived in Northern Florida, and starting in late January and continuing into April, dozens of trees, flowers and grasses will bloom. Ever active, the bees harvest nectar and pollen from these sources, which include pine, oak, willow, maple, chestnut, and ti-ti trees, as well as goldenrod, aster, wild sunflower, dandelion and clover flowers.This bounty is returned to the hives, where it becomes wildflower honey.

Origin: The Florida Panhandle (primarily Gulf and Liberty Counties).

Color and Taste: The color of raw unfiltered wildflower honey will vary from year to year, based on the particular mix of nectar that the bees collect. It generally ranges from Extra Light Amber to Amber.The mixing of nectar by the bees produces a robust and complex combination of floral flavors, which can linger on the palate. It is a great everyday raw honey for sweetening your tea or coffee. Because our raw wildflower honey contains so many different types of pollen, it is also good choice if you are using raw honey to treat seasonal allergies.

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