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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Pam Bevan
    Oh My Stars The Best!

    Oh My Stars this is the Best!. It is fabulous on Sausage Biscuits for breakfast. Sweet potato fries, hot dogs and of course Chicken. It’s a great gift for BBQ (guaranteed uplift the sauce). I’m buying 7 more bottles for the family reunion this summer. Made in the USA, local and a small business. I proud to be a fan. Y’all need to try!

    Elwood Stephens

    Hot Honey

    Emily Johnson

    The hot honey in the plastic bottle is great for adding to cooking. I like the hot honey in the glass jars better because it doesn’t have the vinegar added. I only use the hot honey in my morning tea and the vinegar is terrible with the tea. I wish they had the hot honey in the glass jars available more often. Not sure what I will do with this current bottle since I don’t cook.

    Hot honey

    Deliciousus.. so good on my crispy homemade chicken nuggets, I'll order this for my son, I know he'll love it as much a I..

    Tammy D
    Florida Heat

    I really enjoyed this! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was surprised how subtle the heat from the chili is. I put some on my pizza for dinner, and it was delicious.

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