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    Where is Wewahitchka?

    Land of Lakes and Honey

    Located in the Florida panhandle, about an hour's drive to the east of Panama City, you will find our small town of Wewahitchka. This quiet place has two claims to fame - the beautiful Dead Lakes and delicious tupelo honey.

    These two things actually go together. Tupelo trees prefer "wet feet" and they grow in large numbers in the many lakes, rivers and wetlands in this part of Florida. Each year, around mid-April, the tupelo trees come into bloom. Bees collect the precious nectar from these blossoms to make an exceptional honey. One customer described it as "food of the gods" and that sounds about right to us.

    Bringing you the best for over 30 years

    Smiley Honey was started in 1989 by Donald Smiley. Like many great business startups - he first began working out of his garage. Donald came into beekeeping later in life, and he says it was like falling in love all over again. At the height of his operations, Donald had over 1,000 beehives and he was producing some of the best tupelo honey in the region.

    In 2012, Donald decided to retire. He sold his beehives and honey extraction equipment to a local beekeeper, and we purchased the remainder of the business - the honey bottling operation.

    While tupelo honey remains our best-selling product, we have expanded our lineup to include a number of different honey varieties.  But we have retained the founding principle of bringing you high quality raw and unfiltered honey at a fair price.

    "Eat Honey - Bee Happy"

    Raw and unfiltered honey is a wonderful gift from nature. It is loaded with beneficial enzymes, pollen, vitamins and minerals, which we preserve through minimal processing. Our all-natural, raw honey is about as close as you can get to reaching into a beehive and grabbing a handful of golden goodness.

    Whether you eat raw honey each day for the health and nutrition it provides, or whether you are looking for that unique taste or premium ingredient that makes a memorable meal, Smiley Honey has the all-natural, raw and unfiltered honey you are looking for.

    -Brian and Beth Bertonneau