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    Tupelo Honey

    All natural, raw and unfiltered tupelo honey is one of the most prized honey varieties in America. Don't compromise. Get the best. Bee Extraordinary.


    Tupelo honey comes from the green and white blossoms of the white tupelo gum tree (nyssa ogeche). These blossoms are notoriously fragile, and favorable weather is needed to produce a good crop. In the best years, the season is over in 3 weeks. In bad years, it may last just a few days. Our tupelo honey supply comes from the Apalachicola river basin. This part of the Florida panhandle has more white tupelo trees than anywhere else in the world. 

    Color and Taste

    Raw, unfiltered tupelo honey is Light Amber in color and has a greenish blush when held up to the light. Tupelo honey has an amazing flavor profile. It starts with a bright, fruity-floral burst that dissolves easily on the tongue, and then has a buttery, warm finish. In a word, tupelo honey is AMAZING. As one customer said, "There may be honey better than tupelo somewhere on this earth, but we've never found it." 

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