Tupelo Honey from Florida

WE HAVE SOME OF THE LOWEST PRICES AROUND FOR HIGH QUALITY TUPELO HONEY! What others are offering for up to $30 a pound, we are now selling at $15 a pound. This is premium, raw tupelo honey from 2016. Don't be fooled by lower quality blends. Get the best from Smiley Honey.

Floral Source: Tupelo honey comes from the green-white blossom of the white tupelo gum tree (Nyssa Ogeche). These blossoms are notoriously fragile, and the weather must be just right to produce an abundant honey crop. In good years, tupelo trees will bloom for only a few weeks. In bad years, the nectar flow is over in a few days. Years of experience and good beekeeping skills are required to produce great tupelo honey. 

Origin: This raw unfiltered honey comes from the white tupelo trees that thrive in the many rivers, lakes and wetlands in the middle section of the Florida panhandle. The Apalachicola and Chipola river basins, which run from North to South in Gulf County, contain some of the highest concentrations of tupelo trees in the world. 

Color and Taste: The color of raw tupelo honey ranges from Extra Light Amber to Light Amber and it has a cloudy, greenish hue when held up to the light. Tupelo honey has an amazing flavor profile. It has a bright and unique floral burst that dissolves easily on the tongue, and has a very pleasing finish. When tasting for the first time, folks tend to break into a wide smile and say "Wow, I never knew that honey could taste so good!" One customer called it a gift from the gods, and we would have to agree.

2 oz. Bear
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Tupelo Honey Favor
Tupelo Honey Favor from $3.00
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8 ounces
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8 Ounces
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Tupelo Honey -- 5 Pounds
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Tupelo Honey Gallon
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