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    Creamed Honey

    Creamed honey is sometimes called whipped or spun honey. Many raw honey varieties will crystallize over time (also called "sugaring"). Honey is a super-saturated sugar solution - it wants to form sugar crystals. But the sugar crystals that form spontaneously are large and they also differ in size, giving the honey a coarse mouth feel. Fortunately, with a bit of effort, we can make a raw creamed honey that is smooth and creamy.

    To make a smooth creamed honey, we slowly mix in some previously creamed honey that has small and uniform sugar crystals. Once the liquid honey and the creamed honey are completely blended, we fill and then chill the containers at 57 degrees for a few days.  The small honey crystals then replicate throughout the container. When done right, the end result is a smooth and creamy honey that spreads on toast like butter and does not run off! We have several different creamed honey varieties for sale. Check them out below.