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    Creamed Honey - Cinnamon Orange

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    William Parker
    A daily dose of goodness

    The creamed orange blossom & cinnamon honey is part of my morning routine. I walk every morning about 5 miles. When I get back home I take a teaspoon of your honey. I hear that both honey and cinnamon are a healthy treat for the body. Imagine that something that tastes great and is good for you as well. I love the hint of citrus it blends well with the cinnamon for an amazing flavor. If you keep producing it I’ll keep buying it.
    It’s truly a great product.
    Bill Parker

    robin MP
    Smooth and sweet hints of orange

    I havent opened the cinnamon orange, but it got rave reviews and their flavors are all good so I know I will be pleased.

    Review of Creamed Cinnamon Orange Honey

    YUMMY ! YUMMY! YUMMY! I love that flavor. Now I don't need to use cinnamon and sugar on my morning toast any more. I will use your wonderful cinnamon orange honey instead. It is a keeper! I've enjoyed your honey for several years and will continue to place orders with your company.

    Tori of Las Vegas
    Yummy Madeleines with Cinnamon Orange Honey

    This is absolutely awesome! I love Madeleines and now they taste even better. Just melt some of the cinnamon orange honey in the microwave for a few seconds then drizzle it over the cookies. It would be terrific on pancakes or waffles which I plan on trying soon.

    Janet Begley
    Cinnamon-orange honey

    I love the texture and the taste. I’m glad I tried it and will definitely be buying more

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