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    Honey School

    Apples & Honey: A Perfect Pair

    Fall is officially here, and apples are now in their prime. While honey compliments just about any food, when paired with fresh, crisp apples, the marriage of flavors is nearly perfect.

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    What is so special about sourwood honey?

    Sourwood is a rare and delicious honey with a rich caramel flavor and subtle notes of warm spices such as clove and anise. It is a hard honey crop to make and the demand for this honey always exceeds the supply.

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    What is tupelo honey and where can I buy some?

    Tupelo honey is a unique and wonderful American honey variety. It comes from the nectar of tupelo tree blossoms, which grow in just a few small areas of the southeastern United States. If your favorite grocery store does not have tupelo honey, then you can order it online from Smiley Honey.

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    Best Honey for Tea in 2022

    Some things just belong together. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Tea and honey. Stirring a teaspoon of golden honey into a cup of tea not only improves the flavor, it also comes with some health benefits as well. So what is the best type of honey for tea? Read on to discover our recommendations.

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    Best Honey to Buy in 2022

    Deciding the best type of honey to buy takes a little bit of research given how many honey brands are out there. Open nature’s gift of honey and enjoy all the flavor and health benefits Smiley Honey has to offer you.

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