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    Gift Card - Smiley Honey

    Customer Reviews

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    Dona Mondragon
    Fun Adventure, AMAZING honey!

    Stayed at Dead Lake Campground took a tour told the tour guide that I tried to buy Tupelo Honey in the store and it was marked up so high that I would've had to get a lone. Matt told me go see Smiley, he makes the honey. drove around for a while found this cute little place and no one was home it was Sunday. But to my surprise there was a table outside with all the displays of honey and a box for you to leave money using the honor system. Oh joy I was going to get my Tupelo Honey after all one for my brother one for my son one for my best friend and one for us. Was such a fun time and the honey was wonderful. Their website is great also I was able to buy my son a gift certificate so he could choose which ever flavors he wanted we have so many. not only is the Tupelo Honey delicious, it doesn't crystallize.

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