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    Why is Tupelo Honey So Special?

    In 1971, Van Morrison (the Irish singer-songwriter) released a song called “Tupelo Honey.” The chorus includes, “She’s as sweet as tupelo honey; she’s an angel of the first degree.” To anyone who has tasted tupelo honey, this honey to his sweet wife comparison makes perfect sense. For 30 years now, Smiley Honey has brought amazing honey to the market for enjoyment at home.

    How Do You Get Honey From Trees?

    Tupelo honey comes from the white tupelo tree. But it does not flow out of the trees like maple sap. Tupelo honey comes from the annual blossoms of this tree. In perfect weather, these fragile blossoms will last just 3 short weeks. In most years, however, the tupelo honey season is cut short by poor weather conditions. It takes A LOT of blossoms to make honey. On average, bees visit 1 to 2 MILLION blossoms to collect enough nectar to make a single pound of honey.

    What do people say about Tupelo Honey?

    We receive rave reviews about tupelo honey all the time. Here are just a few:

    • There may be better honey than your tupelo somewhere on this earth, but we’ve never found it.
    • I tasted this honey from someone who thinks it is food from the gods . . . and wow, he was right!
    • Love it, live it. No other honey will do.
    • This is our all-time favorite honey for smooth taste and not overpoweringly sweet.
    • Tupelo is the best honey on the planet.

    And this succinct review comes to us with surprising regularity: “Best honey I’ve ever had.” If you are a first-time tupelo honey buyer, then where have you been all this time?