Acacia Honey from Romania

Floral Source: This world famous honey comes from the flowers of the black locust tree, also called a false acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia). The trees come into bloom in late May and continue into June. The flower buds are intensely fragrant, which helps to attract the bees.

Origin: The black locust tree is native to the Southeastern United States but has now spread into large areas of North America and many parts of Europe; this particular honey comes from Romania, in the province of Transylvania.

Color and Taste: A high quality acacia honey (such as the product we are offering) is one of the lightest colored honey varieties in the world. It is graded as "water white" and is so clear that you can see right through it. It is very sweet, with pleasant fruity and floral notes, and just a hint of vanilla. It has almost no aftertaste.

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