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    Love it

    Yummy Tupelo

    Purchased these little samplers for the glass jars. The tupelo honey is awesome. I might even prefer it over the Georgia premium.

    Love it!

    Had to try this after watching Ulee's Gold again. I never knew that it was exclusive to an area in Florida's panhandle and a small part of South Georgia. Never knew about the very short season that these trees blossum and the narrow window of opportunity there is to harvest this honey.
    All I knew was the song and thought Van Morrison was singing about honey from Tupelo Mississippi. Well I've learned a little recently and chose Smiley's to be my source for this excellent tasting honey. I've ordered quite a lot in the past few weeks, starting with 4 - 16 oz jars sold by an Amazon distributor for Smiley's, then 5lbs from Smiley's itself and now a gallon! That should last me awhile.
    On a side note, this company has the best customer service that I've ever experienced anywhere! Wether it's on the phone or theough email, it's very fast and friendly service! The shipping is quick and well packed too.

    I'm no expert on honey and recently started using it for the nutritional value it's supposed to have. I have a slow healing leg wound due to bad circulation in that leg, so I'm hoping raw unfiltered honey will help boost my immune system some. At the same time, I've also cured my curiosity about Tupelo honey. It does taste much better than anything sold on the local store shelves! I believe it is the real deal as well. Just the way it quickly sinks in a glass of water and sticks to the bottom of the glass, until it's stirred. I like eating it right from the spoon. Several tablespoons in the morning and a few more later, shaken or stirred with protein shakes.
    Absolutely delicious! Thank you Smiley's!


    I ran out of my Tupelo Honey a few months ago and purchased a jug from supermarket to hold me over. I knew the honey was nowhere near what my Tupelo Honey was but just kind of put up with it. Thanksgiving coming I realized I needed to order some because everyone loves my mustard sauce I make to go with sausage rolls and it would not taste the same. I opened gallon jug of Tupelo the day it arrived and smelled it then tasted and was amazed how much different the two were. I will always order more before I run out from now on. Flavor is incredible. Thanks so much
    Sandy W

    The Bees Knees

    Shipping was prompt and my three, one-pound containers were well packaged. I love Tupelo Honey. It's the best and Smiley is the best place to get it.

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