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    An American Original

    Acacia honey comes from the nectar of acacia tree blossoms, which is also known as a black locust tree in (robinia pseudoacacia). This tree is native to the Eastern United States, and grows primarily in the Appalachian Mountains. Because it is an attractive tree with abundant blossoms in the Spring, acacia trees have now be planted all over the lower 48 states.

    The trees produce large clusters of showy blossoms in late May and early June. These flowers are very fragrant, which helps to attract hungry honeybees.

    Our current supply of acacia honey comes from Ohio and West Virginia.

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    color and flavor

    Acacia honey is one of the lightest colored honey varieties that you can find in the world. In some years, it will grade as "water white" and is so clear you can read a newspaper through the jar. But "extra white" is also a common color of this honey. This light color makes acacia honey a prized variety.

    The flavor of this honey is medium sweet and very mild. It has has an interesting combination of both floral and grassy notes, giving it a rather fresh flavor. Due to a high fructose content, this special honey also resists sugaring, and should remain liquid for a long time (assuming you can resist not eating it all in a month or two).

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    food pairings

    Due to its mild flavor, acacia honey pairs well with herbal teas where you do not want the honey to overshadow the tea. One customer had this to say about this special honey variety: "Acacia honey is one of my favorites and I’m so glad Smiley offers it. We use it on berries, pancakes, biscuits and in our tea. It’s light and sweet, perfectly refreshing on everything!"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 117 reviews
    Ingrid Musser

    I love all these honeys. This website is very easy to find what you are looking for, they also shipped very quickly. The Acacia Honey is delicious and so is the Tupelo and also love the Orange.

    Jill McGowan

    Acacia honey to me is soft to the palette. It’s like light taste of goodness. Really like this one….hard to put it on anything because I like it straight up on the spoon.

    Randy E Miller

    Taste is very subjective but this honey makes my taste buds happy....

    Yevgeniy Yaskolko

    Acacia Honey

    Exactly what I was looking for!

    We love Acacia Honey. We are very familiar with different types of honey for many years. This is definitely a great one. You can see and taste that it is exactly as described: Raw, unfiltered Acacia Honey. I am extremely happy that we found this company! The shipping was super-fast! Thank you very much for your amazing professionalism! It is rare nowadays to see a company that actually delivers on its promises! Wishing you all the best! Will be back for more!