Acacia Honey from Romania


This world-famous honey variety comes from the flowers of the black locust tree, also called a false acacia (robinia pseudoacacia). The trees come into bloom in late May, and continue into June. The blossoms are intensely fragrant, which helps to attract the bees.


The black locust tree is native to the Southeastern United States, but has now spread to large areas of the United States and many parts of Europe. This particular honey comes from the province of Transylvania, in Romania.

Color & Taste

Acacia honey is very light in color, and ranges from Water White to Extra White. Hold the jar up to the light and you can nearly see through it. The taste is sweet and very mild, with just a few floral hints and a whisper of vanilla. It has almost no aftertaste.

Customer Reviews

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Kendall Chamberlin K.C. Kendall C.
Real Acacia honey

Very light, excellent quality. Bummer you are sold out at the moment, will order more when available.

Gail Buckwash-Frick G.B. Gail B.
My 2nd Favorite Honey #1 is without a doubt Tupelo Honey

Acacia Honey is very smooth good flavor subtle after tones, if I couldn't get Tupelo Honey this would be my go to Honey. Sometimes it is hard to choose which one I want each day. I love getting my Honey from Smiley Honey, great choices, awesome product, fast shipping. The fact that I get so many choices of Honey from around the world, has expanded my Honey experience, the Honey that Smiley Honey offers is very good and high quality. Love you guys!

Jenny Berger Pace J.B.P. Jenny Berger P.
Beautiful Romanan Honey

Received this order from Smiley's, promptly and well packaged.
This Romanian honey is beautifully clear and has a sensational taste!
Very pleased with the quality.

Chris Green C.G. Chris G.
Best honey anywhere

I drink honey in my tea & have tried a lot of different honey. Smiley Honey has consistently been the best source for honey. Great Tupelo & the Acacia is my 2nd favorite!

Peacock P. Peacock
Acacia Honey

Best honey ever, I use it everyday. I've cut out processed sugar but cannot drink bold coffee without a sweetener - acacia honey is so delicate that doesn't change the coffees true taste.

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