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    sourwood trees

    In mid-summer, the North American Sourwood tree is covered with showy clusters of small, white flowers. These blossoms look a lot like a lily of the valley flower, and are highly fragrant, which attracts honeybees. But the trees grow in uneven mountain terrain and are spread out here and there in Southern Appalachia (primarily North Carolina and Georgia). So getting the beehives close to the trees can be a challenge. Frequent summer rains also interrupt nectar collection by the hard-working honeybees. As a result, sourwood honey production tends to be quite limited in terms of volume.

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    color and flavor

    The tree gets its name from sour tasting leaves, but the honey is entirely different. It is generally light amber in color, although the color of our 2020 crop is darker when compared to past years. The flavor is rich and full, with notes of caramel, butterscotch and warm spices such as cloves and anise.

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    rave reviews

    Sourwood honey is a rare treat, and it can be hard to find in some years. When it is available, grab some while you can. One customer shared: "Many many years ago, my favorite uncle brought me some of nectar of the bee gods from his travels to his home state of N.C. The taste is pure joy and unbounded natural goodness on the tongue and palate. Flavor packed yet velvet smooth, a memory of my favorite uncle and all around great person in every teaspoon. Continue onward my little sourwood gathering honey bees. Your beneficence could not be bestowed on a more grateful person than myself!"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 241 reviews
    Wayne Manning
    My favorite

    Sourwood has always been my favorite honey. Love it on fruit & cottage cheese.

    Peggy Lockwood
    Love this honey flavor

    Th S flavor has a lovely fullness to it.

    Donna Elkins
    Delicious honey!

    I love sourwood honey and this did not disappoint! And it arrived in just a few days - very well packaged.

    Roberta Clark
    A new taste of honey

    Just had it for the first time this morning! On toast and I love it! The taste is crisp and strong while the consistency is light, not thick and sticky. I am very pleased with it!

    Candy Krueger
    Honey order 2021

    I was satisfied with the delivery of our honey. It was a very quick delivery, safely wrapped, sparkling clean and neat and not in the least bit sticky or suggestive of the contents. The honey looks very promising and will be eaten in due time. Thank you. 👍