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    Wellness Tea & Honey

    Introducing our 'terapi' line of wellness tea and honey. In Swedish, 'terapi' means 'therapy.' The word is also a compound of terra for earth and apis for bee. We have paired some wonderful products from the earth (organic herbal tea) along with products from the beehive (raw honey), which promote and support better health and wellness. Click on each honey and tea pairing shown below for more information.

    To get maximum wellness benefits from these tea and honey combinations, add one tea bag to an 8 ounce cup and then fill cup with boiling water. Allow tea bag to steep for at least 5 minutes. Remove tea bag, squeeze out water, and then allow the tea to cool to lukewarm before adding honey. This last step is very important so as not to degrade the vitamins, enzymes and other nutritional elements found in raw honey. Stir to completely dissolve the honey, and then enjoy.

    Honey is packed in a glass jar (15 ounces net weight) and tea is packed in a metal tea tin (25 unbleached paper tea bags).