Linden Honey from Italy


The Linden tree (also called a Basswood or a Lime tree) grows throughout many areas of Europe and North America. These trees can grow to over 100 feet tall and live for hundreds of years. In Europe, they are frequently planted for shade trees along city streets and in town squares. Linden trees bloom in late June and July.


This Linden honey comes to you from the Piedmont region of Italy, at the foot of the Alps.

Color & Taste

Light Amber in color, Linden honey has a very distinctive taste. It is medium sweet, with a woodsy flavor. Strong flavors of mint and lime will linger on the palate. Linden honey is excellent for treating sore throats and upper respiratory ailments. It also has a mild sedative effect, which helps to calm the mind and body.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Battaglia J.B. Joseph B.
4 star

Linden Honey from Italy

Joseph Swain J.S. Joseph S.
great honey

The holly and tupelo honey is very good. Holly honey looks and taste like honey my dad use to gather. Never tried the others I ordered and the cotton and linden is very good, especially the linden. Will try the other flavors on my next order.

maureen mcgonigle m.m. maureen m.
5 star


Gail Buckwash-Frick G.B. Gail B.
Very Strong flavor, does have a calming effect

I love all the honey I purchased, the Acidia, Holly, and Tupelo Honey, the Linden has a very strong flavor, and I didn't personally like it, the Linden Honey "does" have a very calming effect, and I defiantly could have taken a nap after tasting it, I tried a tablespoon of the Linden. But for me personally I pefer the sweeter honey. My son however liked the Linden honey. He has PTSD and could feel the calming effect the Linden Honey has shortly after tasting a tablespoon.

Bill B. Bill
Great Service

I recently placed an order with you and when it arrived (in very good condition) I discovered that you sent me a jar of thyme honey instead of the linden I ordered. I called you, was not questioned in any way, and the you promptly shipped me a jar of linden honey (postage prepaid) which is really good. I am sending you $10 to cover the cost of the second jar of honey. Thank you for the way you handled the problem. I have not encountered this kind of service in many businesses that I have dealt with.

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