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    Smiley Honey News

    We're Back Online - Finally!

    Hurricane Michael hit us very hard, and wiped out the power grid in our area. Hundreds of utility crews worked day and night to rebuild the system. 

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    Hurricane Michael Wreaks Wewahitchka


    On Wednesday, October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael made landfall between Mexico Beach and Panama City on the Florida Gulf Coast. Upon impact with the shore, it was a Category 4 storm, with sustained winds of 145 miles per hour. Moving inland at 15 miles per hour, the storm reached our small town of Wewahitchka in about 90 minutes. There, the heart of the storm raged over us from approximately 4 hours.

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    What Is Tupelo Honey?

    What is tupelo honey, and why is it so special? And who was Van Morrison talking about when he sang: "She's as sweet as tupelo honey?"

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    Wedding Bells in 2018?

    Are you getting married this year? How about someone you know? These small, hex-shaped glass jars of honey will add even more sweetness to the joyful occasion.

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    How To Relax, Naturally.

    Many of us have busy and hectic lives. The constant demands of work, family and community can add up to unwanted stress and anxiety. Fortunately, there are natural foods and herbs that can help to relieve stress. One of these herbs is chamomile tea. How does it work?

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