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    harvesting basswood nectar

    Basswood honey comes from the green and white blossoms of the basswood tree, also called an American Linden (tilia americana). These tree blossoms are intensely fragrant, which helps to attract the bees. Basswood trees are native to the United States, and are found in a number of Midwestern and Northeastern states. This particular honey comes from Eaton and Barry Counties in Michigan.

    Basswood trees grow to about 80 feet tall and have a lifespan of a few hundred years. These trees have been nicknamed "bee trees" because a mature tree will produce hundreds of flower clusters. When the nectar flows freely on warm summer days, the trees can be covered with thousands of honeybees harvesting the basswood flower nectar.

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    color and flavor

    Basswood honey has a nice and warm golden color. It ranges from White to Extra Light Amber. The flavor is medium sweet and pleasantly fruity, with a hint of lime at the end.

    Dried basswood flowers have been used to make herbal tea (aka Linden tea) for centuries. Linden tea is prized for treating colds, coughs, fever, inflammation and headaches. Since some of the flower pollen is present in raw honey, basswood or linden honey may have the same therapeutic benefits for respiratory ailments.

    For more information about raw honey as a cough remedy, see: Can Honey Help Your Cough?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Glenn C
    special treat

    I like Basswood Honey in my tea, what a way to enjoy the morning!

    Jill McGowan
    Unique flavor

    When I first tasted it…reminded me of tobacco. Then when I read the description of lime at the end, I totally got the lime. Very unique, to me it has a strong flavor and I like strong flavored honeys.

    Susan Bailey

    Basswood honey has such a unique flavor. A favorite of mine.

    J W
    A Stronger Tasting Honey

    A bit strong for my taste.

    Randy Robertson
    Surprisingly very good !

    I have been a Sourwood honey fan for years … Basswood can keep up with and even beat my favorite , sourwood ... Great in coffee …great on toast ( 5 stars ) just all around good …. My wife loves this and says it is the best !