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    finca vista hermosa

    It took some time to find a good source for this honey. While a fair amount of coffee blossom honey is made in various parts of Asia, South America and Africa, it can be hard to line up reliable sources for high quality honey.

    We now have a reliable source from a coffee farm named Finca Vista Hermosa, located in the highlands of northwestern Guatemala.

    This honey comes from the nectar of arabica coffee plants. Both the nectar and the honey contain small amounts of caffeine. At least one study found that this caffeine boosts memory in bees, helping them to return to the same plants again and again until all of the nectar is collected.

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    color and flavor

    The color of this honey is a bit darker, and ranges from light amber to amber.

    The taste is medium sweet, with a very pleasant apricot-caramel flavor that builds with each sample you try. Some customers tell us that there is a faintly spicy aftertaste.

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    food pairings

    If you use honey for your coffee, then this is a natural choice. The flavors of this honey will enhance and compliment the flavors of your coffee.

    Drizzle a some of this honey on grilled peaches - it's a great combination.

    With its bolder flavor, this honey also stands up well in baking. Use it to make honey and peanut butter cookies, for example.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 73 reviews
    Carol Graf
    Great taste

    Wonderful tasting/has a caramel like taste/no aftertaste
    Great on my morning oatmeal

    Kay Jo Bidwell

    The honey is very good however I don't get a strong coffee flavor. I was really hoping it would have a coffee flavor.

    The flavor of the honey comes from the nectar of coffee blossoms. The flavor of coffee comes from roasted coffee beans. These are completely different flavor profiles. But we will revised the product description to make this more clear. Thanks!

    Donna Bohannon
    Coffee blossom honey

    I love the Coffee Blossom Honey so much I put it in my tea and coffee! It is so sweet and creamy love love love it!

    Terri Carlson

    I have tried many different honeys, orange blossom, palmetto, wild flower, etc.
    They all have distinct flavors. This coffee honey had no distinct flavor. I was very

    Brittany Patrick
    Amazing flavor

    Love it....dark sweet and delicious