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    This is the best honey in the world! Smiley’s always ships promptly and selects the fastest shipping. I have purchased from Smiley’s several times and am always impressed. Thank you for another great experience! (Kara)

    We have been buying Smiley honey for some time now. Usually in person at the warehouse in Wewahitchka. We owned a place in Panama City Beach but sold it. We’re were super happy with your service through the mail and your follow through. We will continue to support you guys in the future. Thanks so much. (Charles)

    Everyone in our home loves sourwood honey. Smileys always has the best quality and lightening fast shipping. We have ordered from other places in North Carolina and Tennessee but since finding Smileys it is better and faster. (Jacqueline)

    So happy I decided to try the creamed honey . It is so rich and flavorful! I almost don’t want to share with my friends. And yes I will be ordering again from Smiley Honey ! (Beverly)

    The Tupelo honey from Smiley Honey is a superior product in every way: lightly floral scent, golden translucence, sweet without a bite and a wonderful buttery character. Great for adding to hot beverages, on cereal, on peanut butter and is super on pancakes! One of the advantages of living in the Tallahassee area is having folks like Smiley nearby consistently producing this superior honey product. Does a great job of soothing my throat after a 90 minute class lecture. Truly an outstanding product for the dollar. Worth every penny! (Sal)

    Tupelo Honey is the tastiest and purest honey around. My old honey bear, I found in the back of a cupboard, never crystallized. The recent shipment arrived quickly and was packaged with mother earth in mind. Thank you Smiley Honey. (Gloria)

    I purchased a number of jars of this wonderful honey to send as gifts to friends, for them to dip their apples into. "Apples and honey: One of the most popular Rosh Hashanah customs involves eating apple slices dipped in honey, sometimes after saying a special prayer. Ancient Jews believed apples had healing properties, and the honey signifies the hope that the new year will be sweet."

    This Tupelo honey is the best for any occasion! Highly recommended! (Julie)

    Delicious honey! The shopping online experience was easy to view the products. Received my order three days after placing and it came very well packaged so there was no concern regarding leakage. Thank you Smiley Honey for providing an excellent honey at affordable pricing. (Cynthia)

    Just received the honey today. Thank you for the prompt shipping! My mother was raised in the Florida panhandle so I enjoyed this honey growing up. Today was like Christmas. That smooth one of a kind taste cannot be duplicated and I thank you for it. (Andy)

    Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of the Tupelo honey I ordered from you. It was a pleasant surprise to receive it so quickly, and it is delicious! I will remain a loyal customer from this day forward and will pass your name on to anyone who would like some delicious honey. (Cynthia)

    I always buy honey from Smiley. This is the best they have. I hesitate to review and comment because I would love to keep this honey for myself. It is good enough that you want to keep it a secret but so good you can't. (Thomas)

    Ordering was simple and convenient, and the shipment arrived promptly and in good condition. The Tupelo honey I ordered has a wonderful flavor and delicate sweetness. I have been using it to make my favorite oatmeal honey bread, as well as on toast as an extra treat. I will be ordering more soon. (Ivan)

    Love your Tupelo honey! I live in Maine so this is especially nice to be able to obtain and at such a great price. Thank you for your fast shipping service and a terrific product. (Julie)

    Your Tupelo honey is delicious, with a light floral taste! We were taking a gamble when we searched online for honey, but it was worth it! Will definitely order again! Delivered quickly and well packaged. Thank you! (Jones Family)

    Not only is the honey delicious, but the website was easy to navigate & the shipping and delivery were prompt. Good experience all around.(Watson)

    The Acacia honey is delicious with a delicate flavor. Perfect for sweetening any beverage, drizzling over yogurt, or baking. Fast delivery - Very pleased (Patricia)

    We’re long-time customers- Smiley’s has some of the best raw honey we’ve ever tasted, so many varieties, and about the best prices you’ll find anywhere. The flavor profile is beautiful- wildflower honey is perfect for everything - from masala chai to homemade baklava to honey and lemon- and it’s packed with health benefits, too! (Therese)

    The Honey and Elderberry Cough syrup is an excellent product. It has been endorsed by a local pediatrician because it works. I have used it myself during a bout of bronchitis and it soothed my throat that was raw from coughing. (Felicia)

    Great product. Super fast delivery. Saves me from trekking all over Okaloosa County looking for Tupelo Honey. Smiley price + S&H was same as buying honey at the local farmers market. (Kenneth)

    I love the orange blossom honey, as usual; it's my rock-bottom favorite! Am saving the creamed honey to give as gifts to new friends who are "toast with X" for their English muffins, etc. How could it be anything but excellent? (Max)

    Great variety! I'm so excited I got my order on time! Each honey I've tasted from Smiley is AMAZING! I'll keep buying! (Mary)

    Thank you Smiley Honey for fast shipping. Nice packaging. My sister received a jar of your Tupelo Honey and loved it. Will be ordering from you again in the future. (Teresa)

    Been ordering from Smiley Honey for years. Their Tupelo honey is the best. (Jay)

    Tupelo Honey-the best tasting and the prettiest color honey there is! None better! Shipping is great and the product is the best! (William)

    I was traveling along the coast one year and ran across this honey at a roadside stand - i have always said i never tasted a better honey honey anywhere! I was so thankful for the internet or making it possible to have it delivered to my door and it is so fresh ! I Great deliver speed and safely packed. Thanks Smiley! (Charles)

    No, really - Tupelo Honey IS the best tasting honey in the world, tops! And Smiley Honey is the best place to get it from! (DR)

    Best tasting products I've purchased in a very long time. (Shazette)

    Purely delicious, fresh and wholesome taste. Can't say enough good things about my recent purchase. It's perfect! No more store-bought honey for me. (Katherine)

    Love customer service I have ever received...will be ordering again ....thank you Smiley Honey. (Donna)

    The quality is top notch. Great value, shipping was well packed and arrived in a timely manner. (Lisa)

    Not only is this the best tasting honey I have ever had, it also makes a great gift. (Veronica)

    Wonderful service as usual and a delicious Honey for sure. Thanks again! (David)

    I’ve been buying honey from Smiley Honey for many years. I do venture out and purchase from different small vendors in East Florida on occasion. The problem is to a number, the honeys might be really good, but next batch is awful. Smileys honeys are always consistently great. I have finally seen the light! Stop wasting time and money at other places and buy the Tupelo that never disappoints from Smileys. (John)

    I have been buying tupelo honey from Smiley's for decades. The first time I rolled up in a semi and got a personal tour. The operation was still pretty small but the honey was amazing. The next time I showed up one my motorcycle. Since I now live in New England, I can still get my favorite honey. (Tony)

    This honey is always in my cupboard, and I've been purchasing it from Smiley for years. Hailing from the panhandle, but now living elsewhere, there are things from home I'll do without. Tupelo honey isn't one of them. (Anon)

    I have tasted a lot of different honey and this Tupelo Honey can not be beat. If I had a hundred bottles of this honey and gave a taste to a hundred people I would be ordering a hundred more because it would all be gone in just a few minutes. The only way you will ever know how great of taste this is, give a try like I have and yes -- you too will order more as I have. (Charlie)

    Smiley Honey has the BEST Tupelo around! And I have tried different brands. Smiley Honey’s Tupelo always keeps that wonderful golden consistency, never crystallizing. We were lucky enough to try their honey at the Tupelo Fesitival last year. We went home with this product and their Honey and Elderberry cough syrup. I gave friends these products as gifts and ordered more for us. If you order from this company you will not be disappointed. And it was a nice addition that their company donated to help others with part of their proceeds with my order. We all need to pitch in to help others! Terrific Tupelo❤️ (Deborah)

    I just received my order from Smiley Honey, and we are so pleased with everything! The quality is super good, it was all well-packaged, and delivered so fast. My husband and I first tasted Tupelo honey last year when we drove to Florida, and we just loved it. Yours is superb. I also ordered the orange blossom creamed honey, and I enjoyed the slight hint of orange blossoms that I could taste and smell. Good job Smiley Honey! (Karen)

    We have tried others but for the past several years have purchased our tupelo honey from Smiley's. There honey is pure and even in the bad seasons when we had hurricanes, Smiley had the tupelo stocked so they were able to keep us going through lean times. We are devoted to Smiley's and will ONLY order from them. Typically, I receive the honey within one day which is the best customer service I could ever ask for. Thanks Smiley! (Leigh)

    Smiley Honey has been our honey source for 4 years now. Cotton is my wife's favorite. I usually buy 3 - 5 lbs at a time. I like to mix it up. Tried the coffee honey (a winner) and I like the blackberry too. Love the tupelo.
    My sister is a local beekeeper here in New England and produces about 400 lbs per year. Her honey is great, and free, but we love Smiley's products and service. (Daniel)

    Smiley never fails to impress. Premium tupelo! Great, fast, no-fuss service.
    And great people, too! Got to visit once while on vacation on the Panhandle. (Connie) 

    The best! I have been using Smiley's tupelo for years - just for morning tea - and buy it by the gallon. (Roger)

    Customer service is great ! Just as good as the honey ! Expertly packed for shipping . Never a problem ! We have done business with them many years . Always quality at a fair price ! (Christi)

    My family loves the Tupelo honey!! It's the best! I like to use it in my coffee instead of sugar. It has a perfect balance of sweetness and flavor 😊 (Eira)

    I have never liked honey, because the ones I tasted were very strong. This Blackberry Honey is grand... it is sweet, no overpowering 'honey' taste, with a lovely 'berry finish'. I put it in Hazelnut coffee... HEAVEN! (Betty)

    One of the BEST purchases I’ve made in a long time! Very friendly and helpful on the phone, then easy online ordering with great prices and QUICK shipment. First time buying true Tupelo honey, and I thinks it’s become my new favorite! (Jimmy)

    I have been buying Sourwood and Tupelo Honey from Smiley Honey for years. I love their products and find they are one of the easiest on-line companies to deal with. (Joyce)

    The honey is great, the price is good and shipping was fast. What else can I say? (Stephen)