Orange Blossom Honey from Florida


Orange blossom honey comes from the fragrant blossoms of the sweet orange tree. Buds begin forming in late January or early February, and the trees come into bloom in April. As it takes many months for the fruit to ripen, you can often see new blooms and ripe fruit on the tree at the same time.


This honey comes to you from sunny, Central Florida, which is famous for miles and miles of orange groves.

Color & Taste

Orange blossom honey is normally Extra Light Amber in color. The flavor is mild, but very sweet, with just a hint of citrus. Because this honey variety is so sweet, it works well when mixed with other foods (such as plain yogurt) or for baking.

Customer Reviews

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feri jolani f.j. feri j.
Smiley Honey the Best

Excellent Honey.... I very much like this honey and when this batch is finished i will definitely purchase more.
Feri Jolani

Trish T. Trish
Smiley Honey is the best

Every flavor of Smiley Honey that I have tried is awesome, amazing company

Georgia Honey Farm G.H.F. Georgia Honey F.
Excellent honey, Quality and Service

This is my fourth time ordering honey form Smiley honey and they always meet my exception. Keep up the great work.

Philip Smith P.S. Philip S.
5 star

Orange Blossom Honey from Florida

Gregg MacLaren G.M. Gregg M.
Best quality and Service

I have been purchasing honey from Smiley Honey for years, I received nothing less than the highest quality honey and service. The Orange Blossom is one of my top two favorites.
Customer for life.

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