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    Blueberry Fields and blueberry Blossoms

    A mature blueberry bush will produce hundreds of white blossoms each year starting in April and ending in May. For any bees located near a blueberry field, the sweet nectar from these delicate white flowers is a tasty treat that is carefully collected and carried back to the hive. There, the bees work their magic to turn nectar into honey. Our current batch of honey comes to you from Marion County in Oregon.

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    color and flavor

    Our blueberry honey has a light golden color that grades as Extra Light Amber. The flavor starts with a nice and rich floral burst, followed by a subtle yet distinct berry flavor. The berry taste will linger on your tongue for a while, prompting you to try another spoonful. The honey is not overly sweet and pairs well with just about anything you drizzle it on.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Janae Mazzei

    I didn't get a strong taste of blueberry; but as with the BlackBerry honey, I will use them to make my berry vinagarettes.

    Jeff I
    Fresh berry flavor

    The blueberry honey taste great. In our tea it has a subtle lasting blueberry flavor.

    Greg Jones

    I like it better then the Blackberry honey

    Dean Miller

    It was sent as a gift. Love your great service, actually exceptional service. That’s why I always come back.

    Eva-Maria Tausig
    Blueberries extend the season

    On toast with scrambled eggs = almost summer! But plastic jars are not my favorites!