Tupelo Honey Cafe and Smiley Honey - A Sweet Partnership

If you love creative and fresh Southern food, then you must head on over to Tupelo Honey Cafe. From its original location in Asheville, North Carolina, this popular restaurant has grown to 13 locations in the Southeastern U.S.  In 2017, they will be adding their first locations west of the Mississippi in Denver, Colorado and Frisco, Texas.

Their menu pays homage to traditional Southern fare (think crispy fried green tomatoes and velvety mac n’ cheese) while embracing eclectic creativity. For example, they take a honey-fried chicken biscuit to the next level by adding a sunny side egg, red pepper relish and a dijonnaise salad.

When you sit down for your meal, your server will bring out some warm, scratch-made biscuits and a bottle of golden honey. This raw, all-natural honey comes from Smiley Honey. In fact, we have been the primary honey supplier for Tupelo Honey Cafe for over 10 years.

The restaurant is committed to serving responsibly-sourced food. In a recent video, Director of Purchasing Caitlin McMahon said: “We’re very thoughtful about where and why we purchase things. We’re searching for the right products and the right vendors to bring on into our family... It’s about knowing where your food comes from, and if we don’t have products we can stand by, we’re just like everyone else.  We take the time and the effort to go all the way back to the very beginning of the supply chain and say ‘That is a product that we are proud to offer.'”

Here is the full video:

Smiley Honey is very proud to be part of the Tupelo Honey Cafe family. We are thrilled to be associated with a fantastic company that values great ingredients and serves up honest, heart-warming food.

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