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    Honey Recipes

    Feta Wrapped in Phyllo Dough

    These tasty treats can be served as a light lunch or as a dinner appetizer. Topped with honey and sesame seeds, they are delicious any time of day!

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    One Dozen Zesty Hot Honey Recipes

    One of the more exciting condiments to show up in food stores over the past few years is hot honey. Made from a blend of honey, chili oils and vinegar, it's a fun and versatile ingredient that will add a fascinating new dimension to some of your favorite foods.

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    A Better Bahn Mi Sandwich

    The bahn mi is the national sandwich of Vietnam. The french bread and the Asian fixings create a vibrant mix of flavors. To pack in even more zing, we have added some Florida Heat Hot Honey.

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    A Better Tomato Sauce

    A good red tomato sauce has the right balance of sweet, tart, salt and savory. This recipe achieves this balance due to a little bit of honey and butter to finish it off.

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    Rice Pudding with Orange Blossom Honey

    This recipe combines two star Southern ingredients - Carolina Gold rice and Orange Blossom honey. We added less sugar than normal during the rice cooking stage, to make way for the Orange Blossom honey added at the end.

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    Fruit Tart with Honey Glaze

    Fresh fruit and raw honey is a tempting combination. This recipe brings out the best in both. As a added bonus, the honey is not cooked which helps to preserve all of its natural flavors.

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