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    Remember Grandpa's Farm?

    For many, raw honeycomb brings back memories of visiting their grandparent's farm. A generation or two ago, most family farms had beehives. The bees would pollinate the summer crops and, as a added bonus, farmers would harvest some honey. Often, they would keep the honey in the comb and offer it as a special treat to visting friends and family.

    To eat pure honeycomb, just cut off a small piece and pop it in your mouth. As you bite down, sweet honey will squirt out of the cells and fill your mouth. Continue to chew until all of the honey is out. Spit out the remaining ball of beeswax - it's not disgestible.

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    pure honeycomb is pure flavor

    To harvest honey, a beekeeper will place wooden frames inside the beehive. Wedged inside these frames are thin sheets of beeswax, stamped with close-fitting hexagons. Using these hexagon outlines, the bees then make their own beeswax to create three-dimensional cells. This is called "drawing out the comb." Worker bees then deposit nectar mixed with enzymes into these cells and fan the mixture to evaporate excess moisture. When the honey reaches 18% moisture (how do the bees know this?), then the cell is capped with a thin layer of wax. Capped honey is ready to harvest. You can either uncap the honeycomb and spin out the honey using an extractor, or simply cut out squares and package it as pure honeycomb.

    Customer Reviews

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    Joy Cramer

    Raw Honeycomb

    Leana Mercado
    Delicious honey!!

    Very well packed and arrived quick. This honeycomb is delicious. I would recommend 100%


    Sweet, chewy, great over hot biscuits mixed with melting butter.
    it was very difficult to get the secure tape off of the package. Suggest using a colored tape that would make it more visible for removal.

    I love the raw Honeycomb

    The tape on the honeycombs is a pain in the butt to open sometimes 😖

    Sorry about the tape. We have to carefully seal the honeycomb boxes to prevent the honey from leaking out during transit.

    Mary F
    Raw Honeycomb the BOMB!

    LOVE this raw honeycomb from Smiley Honey. Packaged well so it's easy to store and to use. A great natural treat and I do feel it helps ease seasonal allergy symptoms.