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    Honey and Comb Combo

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    Best honey in the world

    Tony F
    Still a 5 star as always

    I love the honey and order from here all the time. My household goes through a good bit. I must say my personal favorite is tupelo. Has been since the beginning of my life. I'll offer to say when I used to order comb from them it seemed like it was bigger. Anyway I'll continue to order this amazing honey as long as I'm around. Thank yall for the amazing work you put into ensuring we have quality honey.

    Glenn C
    Great Honey comb

    The Honey comb is one of my favorites, and Smiley Honey is always the best

    Michael R. McCroskey
    More than I bargained for!

    Once I got the box open, I really enjoyed the honeycomb. Its not something you can readily buy at the store. I would chew up a piece or two down to the wax, anad then spit it out. I didn't realize when I ordered it that I, also, got a nice jar of Tupelo Honey, too. That was a nice surprise, so all in all, I was super-pleased with this purchase.

    Susan Roggendorf
    As usual, excellent honey products!

    So many choices, but I always get at least a jar of my favorite Tupelo honey. Best I've ever eaten, and continue to use after 10 years. Highly recommend this company.

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