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    Honey Recipes

    Honey-Roasted Pears by Golubka Kitchen

    Last month, we partnered with Anya and Masha from Golubka Kitchen for a recipe that’s made to delight your holiday guests. Using our thyme honey, Anya came up with a recipe for honey-roasted pears with vanilla cashew cream. In a season full of pies, cookies and other super-sweets desserts, take a different route and serve this savory, sweet, and totally different dish.

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    Holiday Baking With Honey

    This is the time of year when delicious aromas spill out of the oven and fill the house with joy. Whether baking for the family or for the office party, here are some great recipes that use our favorite ingredient - HONEY!

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    It's Slow Cooker Season!

    It's time to cover up the grill and pull out the slow cooker. Slow cooked meals are easy to prepare and easy to clean up! If you need some inspiration, here are seven slow cook recipes that use our favorite ingredient - honey.

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    Honey-Vanilla Caramel Apples

    This recipe from Rachel Ray takes the caramel apple to the next level. Crisp fall apples, infused with the flavors of caramel, honey and vanilla. What a treat! Make some for your upcoming Halloween party.

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    Back To School Treats With Honey


    Back to school means back to planning lunches and snacks. Kids love sweet and gooey snacks, while parents want healthy alternatives. Both sweet and healthy, all-natural and raw honey is the best of both worlds! Keep kids smiling and in good health with these ideas and recipes.

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